Building Your Future with Confidence, Clarity, & Commitment  —  Since 1974

About Us

The Purpose of L & L Contracting

We are a full service commercial contractor that will assist in the design, building and management of all phases of the construction process. We work with clients to understand what their needs are and than bring their ideas to a reality. We specialize in metal building construction geared to the local commercial markets and we will continue to self perform many of the interior finish trades. We will continue to lead in the interior finishes subcontractor market. We will seek out jobs that fit and blend with the skill of our work force and our company profile. Our goal is to out work all parties on each project that we are a part of. When you hire us, you are expanding your company to include a construction department looking out for your interest.

The Values of L & L Contracting

Confidence — We have confidence in our abilities to perform our duties on each project. Whether it is performing work in the field or working on design with the Owner we can bring the ideas to life in a manner that is efficient, economical, and of the highest quality.

Clarity — We believe in putting all items “on the table” so that it is clear where everyone is coming from. There is to be only one agenda on the project and that is to make it as successful and profitable for all parties. All issues will be brought forth in a professional and supportive manner, so that items are clearly communicated.

Commitment — We give your project the attention and focus it deserves when you hire L & L Contracting. We deliver the job on time and on budget.